Elettronica Brianza offers maintenance and replacement services, also in case of emergency for situations that require a prompt intervention. We have a wide range of replacement emergency batteries in floating charge always available, of different formats and capacity, ready for delivery, to face emergencies and to secure critical equipment as quickly as possible.

Our knowhow regarding the market and manufacturers give us a solid base to offer the right products at the right prices to our customers. Finding the right choice in the vast landscape of industrial batteries and storage batteries, offering different performances in relation to model and manufacturer, is not always an easy task without the right knowhow; for this reason, we collaborate with manufacturers that produce reliable and quality products, that we select carefully. Our qualified technicians specialized in after-sale assistance have the necessary skills to handle all the aspects concerning battery replacement, as well as all aspects related to logistics, management, safety and environment.

Statistically the battery breakdown is the first and main cause for an UPS failure, with a loss of electrical power to the privileged utilities it is destined to.

SThis means that one of the most critical elements of an UPS performance is the battery. A broken/defective battery in a string is enough to drop the utilities connected to the UPS during a power outage. Batteries matching the same technical specifications may offer very different performance on field. Choosing the wrong battery can have a strong negative impact on the systems reliability or on the UPS autonomy, causing unpleasant effects and unexpected costs due to power outage to privileged utilities.

Elettronica Brianza, with its on-field experience, offers solutions for the replacement of VRLA, GEL, lead acid batteries, LiFePO4 as well as batteries for all UPS types, inverters and energy conversion systems. Our preventive maintenance service includes batteries inspection and thorough check through suitable testing equipment, to guarantee reliability and safety over time.