We create value for your company

Elettronica Brianza experience is available for pre and after-sale consultancy and services. With our qualified and highly trained technical professionals, we can meet any kind of commercial and technical needs. Our after-sale service will allow you to get a sure return on your investment.

We listen to our customers’ planning needs and we convert them into reliable equipment with the best price – quality ratio.

Assistance contracts include guaranteed response times, planned maintenance, equipment malfunction correction and other customized options according to specific needs. The service offered by the contract will therefore give assistance to our customer in order to:

  • optimize the use of the System;
  • analyze in detail the problems connected to use and maintenance of the System;
  • preventive maintenance to plan actions aiming at minimizing potential breakdown;
  • ensure times and methods of extraordinary assistance in case of malfunctioning;
  • specialized consultancy by telephone;
  • any other requirement for the maintenance of the system.

The request for maintenance and assistance is an immediate service the customer can ask at any time, even on machinery that is not sold directly by Elettronica Brianza. Standard costs are applied according to the current price list. Upon acceptance of the job, Elettronica Brianza commits to intervene rapidly and to take care of the problem until it is identified and solved. Elettronica Brianza offers objective and impartial recommendations according to customers’ needs and gives prompt replies to requests and emergency assistance, thanks to a simple structure and bureaucracy that allow a prompt response to our customers. We are committed to reduce operating costs and to exceed the best expectations in terms of promptness and professionality.

We offer the necessary resources and skills for a rapid and efficient installation, from placement to final test. We supply our customers with all the necessary information for a correct use of devices and, where necessary, the relevant training for use.

We propose all-inclusive solutions aiming at reaching the best efficiency of your equipment. In particular, ordinary maintenance carried out regularly allows to detect and immediately correct any risky situation thanks to prevention.

Upon request, we can offer assistance in extremely short times, including overnight availability 365 days/year, where there are critical equipment, such as in hospitals, data centers, electrical rooms, etc.

The services we propose also include the technology that is necessary for remote control, in order to be informed in real time of any anomalies and guarantee a potentially very prompt assistance.

In some cases, it is not necessary to purchase a UPS, an emergency power supply, a stabilizer, etc. for events such as fairs, conventions or anyway for temporary or emergency situations. For these circumstances, short, medium or long-time rental solutions can be foreseen, with the opportunity to return or buy the equipment when the contract ends.

We guarantee high quality of the equipment and components we sell. We have a large warehouse with a wide range of spare parts for fixing, even of obsolete systems.

We are equipped with the appropriate instruments and devices to make surveys and structured and accurate analyses of electrical issues, in order to solve problems and/or to report critical situations, if any, or non-compliance with the technical/legislation regulations in force. Preliminary advice allows to understand and evaluate the necessary solutions.